1. PRE-HISTORIC AGE OF MEHARULI MEHRAULI is the village that should have been the place of pride for not only tourists but for every Indian because every inch of its land is backed by marvels of historical legacy. Once upon a time it was a place of power where from different dynasties of different clans […]

Brief History of Delhi ( Brief history of Delhi shall help understand the First city of Delhi, only relevant portion of Delhi history is recorded here to explore its first city) The History of Delhi previous to British rule is the history of the city which has been, at various eras from the time of […]

Mehrauli is an ancient township with written record of over 1200 years of regular settlement. It enjoys the status of being the first of seven cities of Delhi. There appears to be some confusion or contradiction regarding number of cities of Delhi. Some historians noted the number of cities as seven and some others as […]